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Wool Blanket | Soft Brown

Organic, stylish and cozy. Soft Brown, with three natural white stripes and stitching. Made for us by a family-run mill in Eastern Canada. The classic design of these blankets will always be in style, for many years and generations to come. An essential item for cozy winter days and warm summer picnics. Made of 100% virgin Canadian wool.

Each blanket is 48" by 60" 

Also available in Dark Grey, and Natural White and Red.


These blankets are not only organic in material, but fully organic in production. Made from start to finish on a little sheep farm in Eastern Canada. Each blanket is weaved on the same old spinning mill that's been in operation for three generations, and counting.

Maintenance & Care

Always wash in cold water, on a delicate or hand-wash setting. Washing in hot water will shrink and alter the appearance of pure wool products. For best results, we recommend hanging damp blankets to air dry. If machine drying is necessary, add several wool dryer balls to the load. Fabric dryer balls will absorb additional moisture and reduce drying time.

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