Simple goods for a happy fort

Wooden Sailboats


Sail away the time with these well-crafted little sailboats. The water-resistant finish makes them perfect for the bath or for the sea. The boats flat bottoms make them easy to play with and float, without toppling over. Each basin is hand carved from a single piece of Alder wood, making them resistant to splitting and warping. Remove the sails to create a sturdy little rowboat, instead. 

Each boat is 8 1/2" from end to end by 10 1/2" tall with mast in upright position.


Made in Powell River, BC, by couple Chloe and Valentin. Within their conjoined studios, each sailboat is carved, crafted and stitched using local Alder wood and Cotton, and  finished with a water-resistant Beeswax. We asked Chloe and Valentin to keep the boats simple and natural, because we love the colour and grain of the local Alder.

Maintenance & Care

Sails may be removed for laundering when needed. Hand wash using a gentle soap and warm water. Remove the Mast for easy storage and transportation. If the basin begins to feel dry between use or starts losing its colour, use a paper towel to rub down with a water resistant beeswax.

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