Simple goods for a happy fort


Little Forklift

Thorpe Toys

Load it up, turn the crank and lift the fork. A simple little toy with loads of fun to be had. Each Forklift is entirely eco-friendly, and BPA-free. Made from rescued wood cuts and cotton fiber string. We love the simple mechanism of these toys; easy to care for and similar to the rope crank of a Wishing Well. 

Measurements: 10 1/2" from end to end, by 8" tall.


Made by hand in a family run workshop. The Thorpe family prides itself on perfecting and recreating the same simple toys that have been loved by their grandparents, and many generations before them. All of the Forklifts are made from wood cuts that would have otherwise been discarded. Because they are produced without a finishing coat, the trucks will age naturally and develop a vintage patina over time.

Maintenance & Care

Use a damp cloth and warm, soapy water to spot wash when needed. In the unlikely event of the rope needing to be replaced, simply turn the truck over and follow the mechanisms simple pattern with a suitable replacement.

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