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Vintage Climbers Packboard

Vintage Find

An original and rare find, inscribed with the name Douglas Ash. This antique Packboard was likely made circa 1930 by the Jones Tent and Awning Company, of Vancouver, BC. It's exposed wood frame and roped back are unique to other Packboards of its era. With over 80 years of use, this treasured piece shows its ware, but is still in great condition. Only one available.

Frame Measures 26" by 15"


The first commercially viable Packboard was created by Adventurer Vince "Trapper" Nelson in the 1920's, and was originally inspired by Native American Sealskin and Willow Stick packs. Packboards were built to carry heavy loads, and meant for steep uphill climbs. Unlike modern packs, they were built without hip straps so they could be slipped off from the wearer in the event of a fall.

Maintenance & Care

The canvas pack may be removed from the frame for cleaning. Wash by hand in warm, soapy water, with a mild detergent. Do not bleach.

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