Simple goods for a happy fort

Porcelain Lanterns | Set of Three

Ann Maliatski

Simple, minimal and natural. These little tea light lanterns are formed by the hand from natural porcelain clay. As beautiful as they are in daylight, they are even more attractive when lit up. The lantern's walls are very thin - which allows them to become semi-transparent in candlelight. 

Each lantern varies, but is approximately 4" tall and 3" in diameter at their widest point.


Each lantern is one of a kind, made entirely by hand by Artist and Potter, Ann Maliatski. Ann finishes each lantern with a clear, interior glaze for easy cleaning. The exteriors are finished without a glaze to create a subtle, and organic result.

Maintenance & Care

Porcelain can be very fragile, and should be handled with care. Use a damp, warm cloth to wipe away any wax or dirt, and mild non-abrasive soap if needed. Dry immediately after cleaning.

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