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Marble Cloud Mugs


The bold swirls of marble, and the soft wisps of grey clouds. Each mug is a little different, and we're not sure if they are more marble or cloud. The pattern on these mugs is the result of trial and error, by making subtle changes to classic glazing techniques. The Maker starts the process, then lets the clay and glaze do its job. No two pieces or patterns are alike, and will never be replicated.

Each mug is approximately is 3" tall, and 3 1/2" wide at the mouth.


Created in a small home-based studio in rural Ontario, by talented and self-taught Ceramist, Jenny Rijke. We asked the Maker to collaborate with us on a set grey-marbled mugs and cups, just for Kanahta. Each piece is finished in a high-gloss glaze for easy cleaning and care.

Maintenance & Care

Microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended. The bottoms of the mugs are finished without glaze to prevent slipping. We recommend using a coaster to prevent scratches to tabletop surfaces.

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