Simple goods for a happy fort

Maple Plates


For us, there's no better representation of handmade craft than the classic wooden plate. Although the designs have varied, Craftsman have been making plates like these for centuries. We collaborated with a skilled woodturner in Quesnel, British Columbia to create a simple plate, made as close as possible to those made centuries ago: a simple form with subtle dip and vertical edge.

Each plate is 10" in diameter.


Made in collaboration with Woodturner, Ralph Vawter. Each plate is sourced from local, Canadian Maple, and hand-turned by Ralph in his little workshop in Northern, BC. His skill and passion for working with wood began as a young boy, working alongside his Father. After decades of pursuing other interests, Ralph has rediscovered his love for woodworking.

Maintenance & Care

Wash with warm soapy water, and dry off right away. Do not place in the dishwasher. Each plate is finished with food-safe Mineral Oil. For lasting care, use a paper towel to wipe down with corn oil whenever the plates look dry, or begin to lose their luster.

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