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Bud Vases


The Bud Vase is a cleverly crafted, slightly off and somewhat strange piece that is as beautiful as it is unique. We like that no piece is perfectly symmetrical, and that we can see the pattern and movement that was made by the Maker while making these on the wheel. Looks can be deceiving, and we've found that the larger vases can hold a lot more than we had anticipated. A perfect piece to be used alone or as a pair for a simple, elegant arrangement.

Large vases are approximately 6" in diameter by 6" tall
Small vases are approximately 4" in diameter by 4" tall

Because each piece is unique, sizes may vary by up to 1/2" from the approximates above.


Designed exclusively for us by Montreal-based Potter, Matthew Mulholland. Each piece is hand thrown and created entirely by hand in Michaels home-based studio. Vases are finished with a highly durable, subtle glaze.

Maintenance & Care

Clean when needed with warm soapy water. As with all ceramic products, always handle with care.

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