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Little Maple Board

Kathy Clarke

Sometimes all you need is a little cutting or serving board. This little Maple board is perfect for cutting limes and lemons at the bar, serving a small snack or enjoying a sandwich, for one. Hand carved from a single plank of durable Canadian Maple, to prevent warping and withstand everyday use.

Measures 8 1/2" wide by 14" long, including handle.


Sourced from local Maple, and made by hand in British Columbia. Kathy Clarke sources and inspects each piece of local hardwood that come her way. She finds her inspiration within the natural pattern of a woods grain. Her work preserves the woods natural beauty, to be enjoyed over and over again at the table, in the kitchen, or wherever her boards may be used. 

Maintenance & Care

Wipe down or wash after use with luke warm water and a non-abrasive soap. Washing with hot water will strip the board of its beeswax finish. Disinfect when needed with vinegar and sea salt. If the board feels dry or begins to fade, use a dry cloth to apply a small coat of food-safe mineral oil or natural beeswax. If large scratches develop over time, lightly sand the board in the direction of the grain, and finish with a coat of food-safe mineral oil.

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