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The Bear Who Stole The Sun | Part II

Weasel | The Bear Who Stole The Sun |

This is part II of the popular legend told amongst the Sahtu people of northern Canada. For Part I click here

After many days of searching, the animals came to the great big wall. Even though they were now much closer to the sun, they still had to find a way to the other side. Almost all of the animals looked up at the high wall and said "I can't do it. I can't get to the other side."

Finally, the brave and curious Lynx came forward. "I'll give it a try" he said. From a distance, he ran toward the wall, leaping at the last second and crashing against it's solid surface. The Lynx is a very determined creature, and he would not give up so easily. He ran so many times, that he flattened his nose against it's surface. This is why lynx have short little snouts.
Eventually, the Lynx gave up. The leader pleaded with all of the animals, but they were all too scared to try. Finally the little Weasel stepped forward. He backed up a little way and ran as fast as he could toward the wall. He hit the wall and managed to slip right through a little crack that nobody had noticed. The only part of him that the animals could see was the tip of his tail. This is why the tip of the Weasels tail is black.
Now the animals were feeling more confident. The Bull Caribou came forward and said he would try to make the crack bigger. He used his mighty antlers to make a hole big enough to fit his whole head through. "It's warm on this side!" he exclaimed. It was so bright and sunny on the other side of the wall that the Caribou's fur turned a bright white. This is why the Caribou is half light and half dark, today.
The Caribou kept digging at the wall, and eventually the hole was big enough that all of the animals could go through. One after the other they followed the leader, looking for the Bear and the sun. They walked for a very long time until they came to a pristine lake. In the middle of the lake they saw a sandbar, and guess who was taking a nap on it? The Bear, and two of his friends - Mr. Snow Goose and Mr. Blue Goose.
End of part II. Stay tuned for part III, coming soon.    
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