Simple goods for a happy fort

Mission Copy

View of Kugluktuk | Kanahta MissionWe’re excited to finally launch Kanahta Northern Crafts; an online and pop-up retail
project, stocking simple things by Northern Makers and Craftspeople.
Our small opening collection includes Makers from across Canada; many of whom
we’ve collaborated with to create unique and exclusive products for the home.
Kanahta was created with the intent of supporting domestic craftsmanship and
collaboration. With each of our collections, we aim to sell items of lasting quality, made by hand with natural materials. Some of the items that have been gathered are staples of everyday life, while others are sightly odd and perhaps a bit fun and curious. Whether it’s a wool blanket, or a set of building blocks, each item is made by the hand, by a Maker of the north.
Please keep in touch and stay in the know.
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