Simple goods for a happy fort


About | Isac |
Our aim is to collaborate with local craftspeople across the north, creating well made, quality products for the home.
My name is Isac. I am a Designer, a traveller and a wanderer. I started with the hope of doing my small part in cultivating the skills and telling the stories of Craftspeople here, in our community, across the north. A retail project that would be more than an online marketplace. A collection of well made, well designed goods.
I believe in going back to simple craft and slow production, and that the items you have in your home should tell a story and last a lifetime. I believe in researching well, purchasing once, and maintaining the quality of the items you cherish.
We are a very new retail project, with many stories left to tell.
Please join us, get to know us, and reach out to us.
Thanks for stopping by,